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The Angels Community Outreach derbecca donates clothing to those in need


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Throughout our years of giving, we learned that fundraisers and monetary donations are not always the best ways to give. Some families don’t have the means to turn those kinds of donations into the help that is really needed. During the holidays, we sponsor families and participate in toy drives to bring the joy of Christmas into homes and hearts within our community & beyond. Throughout the rest of the year, we donate clothing and other goods from our boutique to shelters and outreach organizations like The Angels Community Outreach. We also enjoy making baskets for other businesses, charities, schools, and special events to be used in raffles and other promotions to support their charitable efforts. These contributions extend beyond our local community. Derek handles the shipping for our boutique so if we feel inspired to support a cause that is geographically far, we just have him package up the items and ship them across the country – wherever they need to go.


The Angels Community Outreach Mission (as shared from their site at the time we last donated):

is to give a hand UP to those in need. We will accomplish this by providing clothing, toiletries, food and more at no cost to those financially in need. We respond to basic human needs, promote dignity and hope. Our goal is also to provide social activities and holiday events to children in need.

Our goal is to also spread kindness. Sometimes it is not always about the necessities it is taking the time to listen to someone or to do something for them to make them feel special.

Sometimes, something as simple as a new outfit can put a smile on one’s face and make them feel beautiful. 

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