Making A Difference


At derbecca, we are not only dedicated to serving our customers and passionate about inspiring others through fashion, we are also committed to making a difference in our community and the world around us.

We are not shy about using the brand we have built; together with our website, social media channels like Facebook & Instagram, and community networks to raise awareness and support causes that matter. We believe that with our professional success comes a social responsibility to “do good in the world”.

Here at derbecca, we have a special place in our hearts for those with special needs. Rebecca’s sister, Cindy, has cerebral palsy. Although our Giving Back Program reaches a diverse population both local & far, we are proud to share that it is strongly focused on supporting those with special needs. This is something that means a lot to us and our family.

Fundraiser_Icon_Custom_derbecca FUNDRAISERS
Over the years, derbecca has sponsored countless fundraisers supporting a variety of causes including:
  • Families in need due to natural disasters or unforeseen medical/financial hardships
  • SPARCS Bowling League for adults with disabilities
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Wigs for Kids – in addition to regular monetary donations, Rebecca donates her hair every few years
  • American Red Cross
  • inbeTWEENGirls - empower, inspire, motivate and nourish the mind, body and spirit of developing young girls


SupportinKindDonations_Icon_Custom_derbecca SUPPORT IN KIND

Throughout our years of giving, we learned that fundraisers and monetary donations are not always the best ways to give. Some families don’t have the means to turn those kinds of donations into the help that is really needed. During the holidays, we sponsor families and participate in toy drives to bring the joy of Christmas into homes and hearts within our community & beyond. Throughout the rest of the year, we donate clothing and other goods from our boutique to shelters and outreach organizations like The Angels Community Outreach. We also enjoy making baskets for other businesses, charities, schools, and special events to be used in raffles and other promotions to support their charitable efforts. These contributions extend beyond our local community. Derek handles the shipping for our boutique so if we feel inspired to support a cause that is geographically far, we just have him package up the items and ship them across the country – wherever they need to go.


Volunteering_Icon_Custom_derbecca VOLUNTEERING

My wise 98-year-old grandmother always said: “The greatest gift is time”.
Raising money and donating goods is great. But we know we can do more. That’s why we volunteer our time to events like Night to Shine. Night to Shine is an annual event for people with special needs. It’s a celebration centered all around the guests of honor including activities like a red-carpet entrance, limousine rides, dinner, and dancing. Events like these cannot happen without volunteers and we know first-hand that events like these impact lives not only for one night, but forever.


PartnerCollaborations_Icon_Custom_derbecca PARTNER COLLABORATIONS

Making a difference is making a difference. Some are big and some are small. We are taking big steps by partnering with other companies that we believe are also doing good in the world.

By partnering with The Spotlight Project, derbecca is able to help those with disabilities find a place in the workforce. Every bracelet made at The Spotlight Project is made by an employee with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

We strive to carry as many American-made products as possible in our boutique. Many of our clothing partners are from the US along with these accessories & lifestyle brands:

  • Dixie Bliss: woman-owned, hypoallergenic earrings company
  • Green Tree Jewelry: family-owned, handmade earrings from local artisans
  • Soaring Suds: family-owned, handmade luxurious bath & body products

TogetherPromise_Icon_Custom_derbeccaEach time you shop with derbecca, you are supporting us and the causes we support. Thank you for joining us in making a difference in this world. Your purchase is more than just a purchase. Next time you put on a new shirt from our boutique or reach for that bracelet or those earrings, we hope you know how grateful we are for the impact you have had on not only us, but all of our Making a Difference Partners as well.