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A focal bead is the bead in a design that is the focus - the main element that catches your eye. It is often the largest bead and is sometimes centrally placed with surrounding accent beads or artfully arranged at one end with trailing accent beads guiding your eye toward the focal bead. Focal beads are often referred to as "focals" by crafters like us. 

Focal beads are used in our handmade keychains, lanyards, dangles/car charms, wine bottle stoppers, zipper pulls, and other custom accessories.

We invite you to browse our Focal Bead Catalog where you will find our extensive collection of focals. We carry focal beads in all different shapes & sizes with many different sayings, hobbies, sports, characters, and special interests. We are excited to create a unique custom piece with your favorite focal bead. Contact us with questions.  

Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Cats & Dogs


Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever, Black Lab, Yellow Lab, Chocolate Lab, Brown Pug, Grey Pug, Black Pug, Paw Print, Rainbow Paw Print, Dachshund, German Shepherd, Doodle, Labradoodle, Collie Sheepdog, Labradoodle, Doodle



Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Cats


Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Animals: Turtle, Dolphin, Mallard Duck, Rubber Duckie, Bee Hornet, Flamingo Swan, Parrot/Macaw Bird


Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Animals: Horse, Dragon, Zebra, Unicorn, Bee Hornet





 Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Ladybugs



Silicone Focal Bead Catalog Ladybugs



Silicone Focal Beads Princess Crowns


 Silicone Focal Beads Princess Mermaids



Silicone Focal Beads Disney Princesses
Silicone Focal Beads Disney Princesses


Silicone Focal Beads Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Lightning McQueen


Silicone Focal Beads Disney Stitch & Angel Disney Mickey Ears Round 15mm Mouse Ears



 Silicone Focal Beads Sonic the Hedgehog Character



Silicone Focal Beads Taylor Swift Swiftie Fan


Silicone Focal Beads Winnie the Pooh Tigger Piglet Eeyore


Silicone Focal Beads Finding Nemo & Flounder


 Silicone Focal Beads TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Star Wars Baby Yoda The Child


 Silicone Focal Beads Characters Spiderman Dr Seuss


Silicone Focal Beads Hello Kitty Sanrio


Silicone Focal Beads Super Mario Brothers Deadpool Wade Wilson Wade Merc


Silicone Focal Beads Characters Pokemon Harry Potter Shield


Silicone Focal Beads Character Care Bear Cheer Bear Bluey Blue Dog


Silicone Focal Beads Family Best Ever Grandma Grandpa Mimi Nana Pop Pop Aunt Dad She is Mom



Silicone Focal Beads Floral Flowers Daisy Sunflower Leaf Leaves


Silicone Focal Beads Food & Beverage Sushi Maki Roll


Silicone Focal Beads Food Grapes Apples Sushi Cupcakes Wine It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere Wine Focal Bead


Silicone Focal Beads Beverage Drinks Best Dad Ever Budweiser Solo Cup Coors Light Beer Starbucks Coffee, Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Silicone Focal Beads School Education Occupation Apple Pencil Crayon Stack of Books School Bus Teacher Aid Aide Principal, Teach Love Inspire, Teacher Focal Bead She is Teacher




Silicone Focal Beads Sports & Activities Hobbies Special Interests, MLB Major League Baseball



 Silicone Focal Beads Football Team Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Logo

Silicone Focal Beads Football Team Dallas Cowboys 3D Football Ball



Silicone Focal Beads Track Mom Lacrosse Mom Softball Mom Band Mom Treble Clef Music Note Yoga Lotus Position




Silicone Focal Beads Sports Activites Team Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Soccer Bowling Golf Clubs Golf Cart


 Silicone Focal Beads Military Branches Service Army Air Force Marines Navy


Silicone Focal Beads First Responders Police Shield Fireman Firefighter Fire Emergency Personnel Top Gun US Navy Fighter Weapons School, Star of Life EMT EMS Emergency Response Caduceus Snake Symbol



Silicone Focal Beads Yin Yang Tree of Life Yin Yang Sun & Moon Spiritual Black & White Round, It's Fine I'm Fine Everything's Fine



 Silicone Focal Beads Summer Flip Flop Navy & Pink Stripe Sandal Slipper Ouija Planchette Weeji Ouijie Halloween Pink Weejie Board Ouija Alphabet



Silicone Focal Beads Love is Love Rainbow Pride Autism Heart Tiffany Heart Lock Lululemon Brand Logo LV Purse Louis Vuitton Purse OntheGo Tote Neverfull Bag



Silicone Focal Beads Transportation Auto Brand Chevy Chevrolet Corvette Ford Logo Emblem


Silicone Focal Beads Jeep Off-Road Adventure Outdoor 4x4 Vehicle Transportation Truck


Silicone Focal Beads Motorcycle HD Harley Davidson Cruiser Street Bike Cycle Jeep I May Get Lost But I Won't Get Stuck Jeep Motto Jeep Mantra Won't Get Stuck, Construction Vehicles: Excavator Dump Truck 18-wheeler Tractor Trailer Mac Truck Big Rig



 Silicone Focal Beads Transportation Cars Boy Cars Toy Cars VW Bug Beetle Car Kids Colors


 Silicone Focal Beads Transportation Rockets Space Spaceship Boy Boys Focals Colors


 Silicone Focal Beads Holiday Lights Light Bulb Christmas Lights Tree Light CTS


 Silicone Focal Beads Mature Content Disclosure Rated R PG-13


Silicone Focal Beads Mature Content Rated R PG-13 Good Moms Say Bad Words Fuck F*ck Dumbfuckery to a Minimum Today Dumbfuc*ery FUCK You This Everything F*CK YOU 



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