derbecca is a beautifully, carefully, and specially curated selection of apparel, jewelry, accessories, bags, and fun finds. We think of it as an endless collection of our favorite things hand selected and shared with our favorite people…YOU in mind.
derbecca is more than just us: Derek&Rebecca Grammer. derbecca is a community including our children, Anastasia & Alex, extended family, friends, neighbors, coaches, servicemen & women, and passers by. The men & women that share in our community are what make derbecca more than just a brand. derbecca is a community focused on inspiring others to be the best version of themselves and to look & feel beautiful every single day – inside & out. We hope that with each derbecca piece you introduce to your wardrobe, you feel inspired and special.
We have an amazing online community on Facebook @ derbecca and we would love for you to join our community there for fun LIVE sales, Styling Events, and more! Thank you for shopping with us, we look forward to inspiring your world.   
xoxo Derek&Rebecca Grammer

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