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Do you get excited about shopping? I know I do. But rarely do I find myself getting excited over shopping for Solid know, the solid color tops, bottoms, and dresses that we often label as 'necessary but boring wardrobe staples'. We all have them (or at least we should) but they are not fun to buy. When I am shopping, I want to be inspired. I want something to "wow" me. That's how I know I just met my new best friend piece...the one that makes me feel like I can't leave her behind. Oh yes, "this beauty is coming home with me". Rarely do I say that when shopping for solid basics. Maybe if I appreciated just how useful and supportive these pieces were to my style, I would look forward to shopping for them and give them the attention they so deserve.

Solid Basics Working for You | Quick & Easy 'No Fuss' Fashion, Shine the Spotlight on Focal Pieces, Repetitive Wear without Repetitive Looks

Come with me...let's explore WHY we NEED Solid Basics and maybe, just maybe...our must-have staples will find a place in our everyday style and not just the back of our closets. 

Simple Solid Basic Staple Pieces for your Wardrobe | Quick & Easy | No Fuss Style

First up, Solid Basics are SIMPLE. Yes, they are. They are not complicated like some of our busier printed pieces or embellished rhinestone numbers (you know we've all got something like that in our closets). I just got back from celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday in Las Vegas and my luggage was full of all the glitter, rhinestone, and shimmer I could jam in there. But when I'm home and living my 'regular life' you're going to find me in a balance of stand-out pieces and solid basics.

Solid Basics are Basic. That is why we call them a Wardrobe Staple. They are easy to grab & wear with just about anything. We don't have to be concerned with the type of event we're attending or the vibe of the venue. Whether we're headed into the office or running errands around town, solids always fit in. You can't go wrong with a solid. When you're having a busy morning and there is no time to put together that amazing inspiring outfit, what do you do? You grab a basic solid top and a simple bottom like jeans or leggings and out the door you go. Solid Basics remove the fuss in fashion and let us 'just be'...because every day is not a runway day and for most of us, we don't live in Las Vegas.

Solid Basics keep the focus of our outfit on that special statement piece like jewelry, a bag, or our shoes.

Next up, FOCUS. Solid Basics afford us the opportunity to keep the focus of our outfit on that special statement piece that does, in fact, inspire us. You know, that amazing bag you only carry on special occasions, or that necklace that makes you feel like a queen, or perhaps it's the shoes that squeeze your toes but my oh my they look so good! Yes, you know what mean...that statement piece. When you pair that special something with a busy print or equally embellished blouse, the attention and focus is now shared by the two. And we don't want that. We don't want our style to scream "hey, look at me I'm all that". Instead, we want to say "Look but don't stare, I've got it going on." There is a reason a spotlight shines in one area. It's meant to focus on one thing. Keeping the focus on one special piece is a classy understated look that can't steer you wrong. To accomplish this, you're going to need Solid Basics. 

Find VALUE in the Solid Basics in your closet. Wear them again and again and pair them with a variety of printed lovelies to create unique looks you're sure to love.

And lastly, we can't forget how much VALUE there is in our Solid Basics. What do we mean by value? Value is when we get more than we expect for what we give up or contribute. Maybe you snagged that solid tee in 4 colors because it was on sale. Little did you know you would pair those tees with countless blazers, jackets, cardigans, skirts, and leggings. You will wear them over and over again. And all the while, not feeling like you are wearing the same thing repetitively because each time you pair that solid top with a printed bottom, you are creating a new & unique outfit. And remember what we discussed above...the focus is going to be on the printed piece you're wearing or that statement accessory. That is what will be remembered from your outfit (not your solid top or jacket). I can't remember the last time a friend said "oh I love your solid blue top". I can, however, recall compliments on my floral printed skirt or herringbone blazer.  So when shopping for those Solid Basics, get some good ones. Make sure you love the material, the fit, and the feel. You are going to wear them again and again. You don't really need 5 of the same color basic in your closet; you just need 1 or 2 in each color that makes you look and feel great. 

Now that we know the importance of Solid Basics, it's time to assess our closets and refresh tired pieces and add new colors and styles. Be sure you have basics for each season - sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve in both tops and dresses. 

Sue Scoop Neck Long Sleeve TopTwo of my favorite long sleeve tops are the Sue Scoop Neck and the Lynn V-Neck Basic. These tops find their way into my outfits in the chillier months from October to March. They are perfect for layering under my printed ponchos, cardigans, blazers, and vests. 


Lynn Long Sleeve V-Neck Top



When I pair them with jeans, just about any layering piece goes. And for an ultra-comfortable outfit, I opt for one of these solid tops, matching solid leggings, a printed layer, and knee-high boots or booties. It's a simple outfit creating a simple look that is still "put-together" and stylish.  

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Another great option is The Cindy Top. The Cindy is a solid top that is available in sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve. It has pockets (yes, pockets!) and an a-line flare hem that is ideal for pairing with leggings or pencil skirts (any bottoms that are form-fitting). 

 Cindy Sleeveless Tank Top with Pockets | Solid Basics Cindy Short Sleeve Top with Pockets | Solid Basics Cindy Long Sleeve Top with Pockets | Solid Basics

For those of us that enjoy wearing dresses, be sure to have solid options in your closet for both warm and cooler months. In the Summer, you'll find me rocking one of these sleeveless styles with a long pendant necklace (that'll be my statement piece as we discussed earlier) and strappy sandals or slip-ons. It's one of the simplest outfits I wear in the Summer. It requires little to no effort or planning which is great for me so I can get out the door faster and enjoy the warm weather while it's here. When cooler temperatures roll in, I swap my sleeveless dresses for those with long sleeves. Winter is the time of year when I also get to play around with all of my fun layering pieces: ponchos, cardigans, blazers, and vests. The Lety and Linda dresses with pockets are ideal for wearing under my layering pieces. Having an assortment of colors in these styles makes pairing Winter outfits so much easier. 

Lety Long Sleeve Dress with Pockets | Solid Basics
Linda Long Sleeve Dress with Pockets | Solid Basics

Now that we know WHY we NEED Solid Basics, shopping for them should be more fun. Now get out there and have some fun!    

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