Pattern Mixing

Compare or contrast colors?

As we dabble into the realms of pattern mixing, we begin by looking at a comparable or contrasting base color. Are you into yellow, green, blue, perhaps basic black is your thing? Whatever it is, pick a color and see if you can find prints and patterns in complimentary color pallets in order to create harmony. Check out this striped top, printed skirt, and layered solid, it’s ah-mazing!














Compare or contrast print?

It’s amazing how an individual piece that may seem so flashy all by itself, can become subdued when layered with an even more fascinating piece! Where you are used to wearing a solid top under all of that amazingness, a stripe or polka dot can be a great base piece to really slingshot a great mixed outfit. Pattern mixing is primarily about creating print contrast, where one piece accents or enhances the others, allowing them to gleam in their natural splendor! You may be a huge fan of floral prints, or perhaps you are totally into inanimate objects. Whatever your obsession, you can compare by mixing the similar prints at multiple scales, or you may choose to contrast by mixing a stripe with a floral or polka dot.














Opposites can attract!

Patterns and prints generally occur in schemes that we can somewhat standardize as florals, geometrics, stripes, or objects. You can mix and match any of these! Look for comparing colors or contrasting prints and these schemes may be layered together to create a look that will bring you compliments all day long, you can do it!

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