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Request to join our online Facebook Shopping Group. In our Group, we post one photo for each item we have available. To browse our collection, navigate to the Photo Albums within the Group rather than scrolling the group newsfeed. Accessing the albums is different from a mobile device versus a PC, we can help you navigate the group, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help. Fear not, you’ll be a pro in no time! Photographs of our collection are organized into a folder/album for each style then sorted by size within each album. You can comment on the photo “sold”, “sold pending (stated your question)”, or “sold next” if you are not the first to comment. Your comment is your claim or your request to purchase an item. Once you’re done shopping you may want to comment “sold done” and we’ll send an invoice for your items to your email. If shopping with us for the very first time, you would complete our one-time Customer Registration form to provide your email for your invoice and your shipping information. If you are a returning LuLaRoe by derbecca shopper, no form is necessary. We will email you an invoice when you’ve indicated you are done shopping. We maintain a database of our shopper’s email & shipping addresses, purchase history, and notes, etc. so you do not need to complete the form again unless your information has changed. (We do not maintain payment information which is why an invoice is needed each time you shop with us).

Facebook LIVE Events

By now you’ve likely joined our Facebook Group. If you haven’t, click here to request to join. In our Group, we broadcast using FaceBook LIVE. You can tune-in to watch & interact with us in real-time while we present and describe available items from our collection. We always share styling tips, sizing suggestions, and fabric descriptions during a broadcast. LIVE events are a great place to learn all about LuLaRoe and a lot of fun for everyone! Do your best to be there as the action unfolds. Those who attend the LIVE broadcasts get first dibs! But if you are unable to attend while we are LIVE, the broadcasts are recorded and posted to the Group. For a limited time you can watch the recording and if you can comment, you can shop! We will turn commenting off when it’s time to close the event. If you have yet to see a LIVE sale, check out the Videos section in the Group to view some of our past broadcasts and check our schedule for your next opportunity to participate!

Personal Shopping and Custom Styling

When many think of personal stylists, they tend to think of fashion experts available for hire to the very famous and/or the very wealthy. With derbecca, personal styling and personal shopping services are complimentary and available to you! We can help with everything from a special outfit for a special day to a whole new wardrobe. You provide your colors, prints, sizes, and fit preferences, and we’ll save you time by pre-shopping our boutique for your appointment. We can assemble a collection of any number pieces to mix & match so you get multiple outfits from just a handful of pieces. Appointments can be in person or online and are always fun, fast, and free. You only pay for the items you want. It’s the ultimate shopping convenience! Schedule your session today!